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n and is only distantly related to the giant panda.BEIJING, July 10 (Xinhuanet) -- A zookeeper's house ▓cat in Amsterdam has adopted a baby red panda abandoned ▓by its mother and i

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s nursing the cub along with her own kittens, the Artis zoo said Wednesday. The panda's mother rejected her two cubs after they were bor▓n on June 30. "She left them there, lying in

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the col▓d," said zoo spokesman Bart Kret. The zoo initially kept ▓the cubs in an incubator. But a keeper's tabby cat ha▓d just given birth to four kittens, and let the t▓wo panda cu

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bs join the crowd. One of the cubs was too weak and died Thursday. The surviving cub▓ is still smaller than the kittens, who were born three days before her. However, if she survive

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s to be an adult, she will be slightly larger than a cat. Kret said the cub will drink milk for about three months, after which she can start eating bamboo and▓ fruit. The cub doe

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sn't have a name yet, but the zoo said that, through its adoption program, anyone▓ willing to sponsor her will be allowed to name her. The red panda is an endangered species that

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lives in China, Bhutan, Nepal, India, and▓ Burma. It has a striped tail like a raccoon and▓ is only distantly related to the much la▓rger giant panda. International Cat Champi

onshipsThe Dalian Fashion Week

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encompasses a fashion e▓xpo, fashion shows of celebrated designers from hom▓e and abroad, and a competition for young designers worldwide. The expo has attracted 6

00 companies from 16 countries

in China, Bhutan, Ne

and regions including the US, F▓rance and Italy.Related Video:Thomas Friedman: China needs t▓o bring in "the green cat"BOAO, Hainan Province, April 20 (Xinhua) -- China needs to bring in the "the green cat"

pal, India, and Bu

if the country wants to meet the target of susta▓inable development, according to Thomas F▓riedman, foreign affairs columnist of the New York Times and author of

"The World is Flat". For the Chi

rma. It has a stripe

nese, go▓ing green is not just a problem, but an opportunity, and pollution represents waste and inefficiency, Friedman writes in an article in the official publ

▓ication of the Boao Forum for

d tail like a raccoo

Asia (BFA) 2007 annual conference. He quoted Chinese media reports ▓as saying that at least 24 million acres (9.7 million he▓ctares) of cultivated land in China -

- one-tenth ▓of the country's t

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